Bags Accessories

We manufacture a range of bag handles included five category twisted/cabled lead ropes made in 100% soft 100% cotton or acrylic or woolen yarns. We offer our twisted ropes which are very tough, a closely woven, narrow and strong fabric that is extensively used in diverse industries. Our range can also be tested on military and hunting equipment, furniture and other materials. The different types of twisted ropes that we present to our customers include:

• Polypropylene Webbing
These are thin and lightweight offering minimum bulkiness. Their dense weaving offers the material strength that can withstand abrasion.

• Polyester Webbing
These have a corduroy effect and can be used as canteen straps and slings and can also be used as a buckle attachment in the form of straps on different bags.

• Hemp Webbing
These are apt for outdoors man and have a distinct patterns and appearance

• Linen Girth Webbing
This is widely used for saddles. These are tough and are apt for holding back the horse rider from falling

• Linen Crosshatch Webbing
It is extensively used in upholstery, draperies, or vegetable dyed as a woods runner's garters.

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